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My Favorite Things

I'm always on the hunt for any products that I truly believe will help support healthy routines and results for myself and my clients. Here are some of my most trusted and reliable recommendations. Every product listed is something I have personally purchased and used (aka, I don't get paid by any of these companies... I wish!).

Enjoy :) xo, Emily


Fjallraven High Coast Hip Pack - I'm a big fan of a small pack when I'm planning to spend time outside being active and need something to hold my personal items, but don't want to deal with a heavy and awkward backpack or purse. This one from Fjallraven is the perfect size and storage capacity for walking, hiking, biking rollerblading and even running. I like that I can wear it around my waist or across my body, depending on what I'm doing. I give it bonus points for being stylishly understated.

Black Diamond Rechargeable LED Headlamp - If you find yourself skipping outdoor exercise in the early morning or at night because it's dark, try adding some light! While this isn't the most sophisticated headlamp on the market, it's easy to use, lightweight, and relatively comfortable. I also like that it has a dimmer, which I never imagined to be an asset until I tried it.

BigBoss Sports Aquatic Dumbbells - I love swimming because it's a great way to get your heart rate up without stressing joints. I also love finding ways to make it more interesting and challenging. Enter aquatic dumbbells. You can use these on their own or with a belt for water jogging (don't knock it 'til you try it).


Zaca Recovery Mixed Berry Chewables - I don't remember when or how I discovered this, but Zaca packets have been a staple in my wellness cabinet for years. I take 2-4 chews anytime I'm feeling a little depleted and "junky" (for ex, after I drink wine or have been traveling). It contains Japanese raisin, glutathione, prickly pear and glutamine - all of which support the liver and detoxification pathways, immune system and electrolyte absorption.

CYMBIOTIKA Pure Hydration Electrolytes Powder Drink Mix - There are a gazillion electrolyte powders and potions out there. And while I'm grateful that Gatorade isn't the only player in the game anymore, the choices can be overwhelming. I like this one because you get a lot of bang for your box, without a ton of stuff you don't need (preservatives etc.). Plus it's made in the U.S.A. Go team!

Kanjo Acupressure Mat - This is a "hurts so good" vibe, which isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. However, if you suffer from tight muscles or headaches... or just want to relax your nervous system, this gets the jobs done. Start with clothes on and work your way up to direct skin contact.

Nourishment and Nutrients

Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning - Whoever invented this is my hero. It's full of B vitamins and other nutrients, and tastes like a yummy cheesy seasoning (without the dairy). I put it on anything I would want to put "flavor" on - salads, roasted veggies, popcorn, avocado toast, eggs etc.

(btw, Bragg also makes a good coconut aminos - a soy-free, gluten-free substitute for soy sauce)

Kettle And Fire Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth - Bone broth is one of my favorite ways to get protein and collagen without having to fuss. Literally just pour it in a mug, heat it up and drink. I like it in the morning as a savory way to wake up or as a snack before dinner. It's also great for cooking. I like all of Kettle and Fire's flavors, but this one is especially great for its immune-boosting mushroom blend and apple cider vinegar component.

Chocolove Extra Strong 77% Dark Chocolate Bar - It has long been known that dark chocolate containing 70%+ cocoa has antioxidants and boosts serotonin (the neurotransmitter linked to positive mood states). Aside from having snazzy branding, Cocolove is gluten and dairy free, contains no artificial nonsense, and is sustainably sourced. It also tastes delicious. What's not to xoxo about that?

Goli SuperGreen Vitamin Gummy - While I strongly believe that we should strive to get our nutrients from real food, it's good to have a backup source when you're short on time, energy or kitchens (such as when traveling). Goli's SuperGreen gummy is densely packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotics to help support gut and immune function. They taste pretty good too.

Grooming and Maintenance

Hello Peace Out, Plaque Alcohol-Free Mouthwash (Natural Mint) - My brain almost exploded when I learned that alcohol based mouthwash (which I'd been using for years) is terrible for your health. Much like hand-sanitizer and antibiotics, when we swish alcohol around in our mouth, it kills ALL the bacteria... good and bad alike. This leaves our first line of digestion and immune defense (our mouth) in a vulnerable state. It also negatively affects our overall gut health. I was skeptical that any N/A mouthwash could actually freshen my breath, but Hello's "Peace Out, Plaque" Natural Mint made me a believer.

Goop dry brush

Red light

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set - Lymphatic love for the face. I try to do this at least a few times per week, usually first thing in the morning. For such a simple set of tools, the results are remarkable. Pro-Tip: I do not recommend watching the video in the link, because I was taught to always use gentle strokes from the inner face outward and down. This moves toxins along the natural path of lymphatic drainage.

Tummy Love

Hilma Natural Gas & Bloating Relief and Hilma Digestive Enzymes - I have no idea why Amazon lists these products as being "for women". Men and women alike can benefit from Hilma's thoughtful and effective herbal / enzyme formulas for digestion. I really like Hilma's products in general, so stay tuned for more recommendations in the future.

Maty's Apple Cider Vinegar Indigestion Relief Gummies - If you follow me on Insta, you've heard me talk about the benefits of ACV on digestive and metabolic health. Not only does it enhance digestion by supporting balanced stomach acid, ACV also helps control blood sugar. Maty's are tasty without being too sweet or sour, and they contain turmeric, ginger & clove for extra digestive support. I take 1-2 gummies before meals.


Harvard Medical School trained Endocrinologist and "obesity warrior" Dr. David Ludwig has turned the weight loss world on its head with his research on fat, metabolism and weight control. In this book, he challenges the status quo of calorie and fat-restrictive diets with a three-phase program that ignores calories and targets fat cells directly. It's a fascinating book that will completely shift your beliefs about weight loss and health maintenance.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

This book is straight-forward, practical and insanely helpful for gaining insights on how good habits are built and bad ones are extinguished. A must-read for changing your health routine or any other habits.

I feel like the title says it all. A fascinating deep dive into what is arguably our most underappreciated autonomic function. Research shows that making even slight adjustments to the way we inhale and exhale can improve athletic performance; rejuvenate internal organs; halt snoring, asthma, and autoimmune disease; and even straighten scoliotic spines.

I devoured this book. It is so educational and easy to read. Regardless of whether or not you're planning to be (or get someone else) preggers, I highly recommend this book. Emily Oster is an award-winning economist who decided to data-test the "traditional" rules of pregnancy and discusses which ones do and do not hold up.

Dr. Means is one of several physicians that I follow who got burned out putting "band-aids" on patients with chronic illnesses, only to see them stuck in a revolving door of disease progression and symptom management. She dug into the scientific research to figure out what was actually causing metabolic dysfunction and how to resolve (or better yet, prevent) it.

Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia, MD

This might be the best book I've ever read on how to live healthier for longer (what Dr. Attia calls "healthspan"). It's also incredibly validating for folks like me who have studied Functional Medicine. Dr. Attia is a world-renown physician who shares data challenging the conventional medical wisdom on aging, and reveals a new approach to preventing chronic disease and extending long-term health. I also recommend listening to his podcast.

Mocktail Party by Diana Licalzi, MS, RD, CDCES and Kerry Benson, MS, RD

Written by two Registered Dietitians, the non-alcoholic drink recipes in 'Mocktail Party' feature plant-based ingredients with minimal sugar that you can easily find at any grocery store. The book also features valuable information about the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle, tips for sustainable mixology, and advice for ordering mocktails at a restaurant or bar.

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